Finally… Live in Bellwoods/Pitter Patter Videos!

Thanks to Mike and Kyle for the lovely footage, and to Keith (and Mike here too) for putting it together. It was so much fun to play in the park. Here are the videos from the day.

First we have Be My Brother,

Then the Midwest (one of our newer songs),

Snake song/White Belly is lost and scared floating around the internet somewhere, so when we find it, we’ll post it up here. Be My Brother and the Midwest will just have to do for now.

Thanks for watching!

Just a heads up: our first full-length is coming along real well. Look out for it next spring!

Come out to the Magpie on Nov. 8th, or see us at C’est What on Nov. 20. Check out the details in the “shows” section.

**We found Snake song/White Belly!