Recording Update!

It’s been a busy and fun month recording in the studio with Ian Gomes at Union Sound Co. We spent most of March recording banjo, mandolin, vocals, guitar, vibraphone and a few other things. In general, we were growing the ingredients that chef Ian is now going to mix up and cook.

It was a fun and gruelling process to get everything recorded. We’ve still got a few more things left to track, but it’s almost all there. We booked a lot of time in order to get all of the sounds just right, but I find that even when you think that you’ve allotted enough time for something, especially in creative situations, you can never predict with one-hundred-percent accuracy how long it will actually take.

Anna and Ian in the studio recording
Anna and Ian setting up for banjo takes, first attempt, in the isobooth.

In the last few months I think that Beams has played only a handful of shows, which is quite out of the ordinary for us! We were very busy writing and we are excited to get back out on stage again. We’ve got a number of shows coming up, some local, some distant, and we want to see your faces in the crowd! Our second album is expected to have twelve or thirteen songs on it and there are a few that we’ve never played live before and will definitely be testing out at these gigs. Don’t worry though, we’ll be sprinkling in the old favourites as well. We still like ’em too.

Dave's gear in the recording studio
Dave’s mandolin world
Anna recording vocals in the isobooth at Union Sound Co
Anna tracking vocals at Union Sound Co.
Martin recording guitars at Union Sound Co
Martin turning into his shredding demon!
Martin recording at Union Sound Co
Martin’s guitar world
Mics for recording vocals at Union Sound Co
Microphones for Anna’s vocals
Keith recording vibraphone at Union Sound Co
Keith giving the record some good vibes
Martin's guitar cases prepped to record guitars at Union Sound Co
Martin’s guitar cases getting some air.
Anna and her banjos in the main room at Union Sound Co
Anna setting up for banjo, second attempt – the big room! All baffled in.
Anna, Ian and Heather at Union Sound Co
Ian setting up vocals for Anna and Heather.
Mike napping at Union Sound Co
Mike showing off his napping talents.
Amps for banjo
An attempt to find the perfect banjo sound.
Union sound co A room control room.
Where the magic happens.