Some love from the Grid!

Well, isn’t this fun! Who doesn’t love going to the Ex? Yes, it takes a while to get down there, but it’s well worth it for the Zipper, the Euro Slide, the deep-fried Oreos, and… the prizes! In this video, we provide the score for clips of happy winners, like the woman who won the age-guessing game and won a “Scottish Girl” (Papa Smurf), as well as the man who is going to push his wife out of the bed in order to sleep with his giant purple teddy.

This video is full of happiness, a bit of confusion, and very emotive shots of slurpees and bumper cars. Enjoy!

PS. This song is called “Where Our Cabin Lies”.

Drums: Mike Duffield
Bass: Mike Smith
Banjo and vocals: Anna Mernieks
Saw: Keith Hamilton
Engineered by James Anderson


We have a website

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