New single, I Wanted to Tell Her Cover by Raven Shields

New Single and US Dates!

It’s been almost a year since I last wrote a blog, which is amazing since we’ve been up to so much. I’ve been feeling a bit of writer’s block in general, maybe it’s extended to my blog writing. We’ve also had so many adventures that I think it got to be too much for one blog and so I ignored the task completely. Either way, here we are now: a new single is coming out!

We are finally releasing the single “I Wanted to Tell Her”! As of Valentine’s day, because we love you, you can find it at our Bandcamp page, or at any of your other favourite online music stores. Maybe we should rename Valentine’s Day “Single’s Day”? Maybe listen to our new single in a nice bubble bath, or over a romantic dinner for one. And if you’re in a couple this Valentine’s day, well, a couple is really just two singles right? We don’t need to get too deep about it here. Look for the video for “I Wanted to Tell Her” sometime in the near future!

New single, I Wanted to Tell Her Cover by Raven Shields
“I Wanted to Tell Her”, album art by Raven Shields

Oh, and we also have a whole album ready to release, but no set date yet. The plan is just cooking away in the crock pot. Looking forward to sharing it when we’re ready!

We are embarking on our first tour of 2017! I’m extra excited for this one because we are finally playing in Oklahoma, where I’ll get to see a lot of my family, including my newest little niece.

Hope to see you at a show!

Fri, Feb 17 – Yellow Springs, OH @ Peach’s Bar and Grill
Sat, Feb 18 – Cleveland, OH @ TBC
Mon, Feb 20 – Chicago, IL @ The Burlington Bar (Facebook event here)
Tues, Feb 21 – Cincinnati, OH @ The Comet (Facebook event here)
Thurs, Feb 23 – Tahlequah, OK @ The Branch (Facebook event here)
Fri, Feb 24 – Dallas, TX @ Sofar DFW
Sat, Feb 25 – Austin, TX @ Cheer Up Charlie’s

Here are a few pics from 2016 that I think are pretty great. Hopefully they orient properly, most of them were taken with my iPhone, and I have a penchant for taking photos sideways or upside down, apparently…

Map of a Beams tour route
This tour route (Chicago, Louisville, Cincinnati, Columbus, Chardon, Buffalo) ended up looking like a smug bird! Do you see it?
Beams chillin' at Chicago Music Exchange by a wall of guitars
Beams chillin’ at Chicago Music Exchange
Welcome to Ohio highway sign
Welcome to Ohio, Beams!
Crates full of records
Our host’s living room in Louisville, KY
Mike at Cymbal Haus
Mike is in Cymbal Heaven just outside Cincinnati (Cymbal Haus)
Keith eating BBQ
Keith cleaning off some bones at Goody’s in Cincinnati
Anna standing in a water park
Cooling off in Cincinnati
Craig taking some photos of Dinge, the band
Photographer Moffatt in Cincinnati
If I could say a single thing about this dog, it is as large as a person.
A Dog as Big as a Man (he brought the dog by after our show in Cincinnati)
Beams standing by the ocean
Beams in Asbury Park, photo courtesy of Dentist, an amazing band, the lone photo of all seven of us.
Heather walking toward the ocean in Asbury Park, not a single drop of rain in sight
Heather cinematically walking toward the ocean in Asbury Park
Mike playing with cats
Mike hanging out with some Cool Cats in Asbury Park, NJ
Anna outside of WFDU NJ
Grainy selfie at a sweet radio station in NJ!
Keith driving the van through PA/NY
Keith piloting Prizzy through Adirondack Park
Banjos at a vintage music store in Brooklyn
Banjos at a vintage music store in Brooklyn
Keith blowing up a mattress with his mouth
Keith, the Human Mattress Pump
Mike and Craig getting ready for bed at a motel
Beams motel life, Somewhere, USA
Picture of a skeleton figuriine playing a banjo
Future me (Anna), seen at Tree Bar (Columbus)
Funny sign on a toilet in Columbus
I like this sense of humor – Tree Bar, Columbus
The van getting gassed up beside the big trucks
Prizzy gassin’ up! Keith’s feeding her, so precious