Picture of Craig and Mike in the studio

A New Album in the Works!

A bit of time has passed since November and it’s high time for an update. We are working on our second full length album (!) which has yet to be named. There’ll be some songs you’ve heard live and some you haven’t and we’re very excited to share them with you. Some of the songs that we’re recording have been living in my head or half-formed for a long time and are only now being arranged for the band, so don’t feel like you’re in the dark – even I don’t know what they’re going to sound like when the whole thing is finished! I’m excited, though, and I hope you are, too.

So far we’ve recorded Mike and Craig’s parts for the beds. Ian Gomes at Union Sound Company helped us get some great sounds. It wasn’t too hard with Mike and Ian’s combined arsenal of about ten snares and at least as many cymbals.

Picture of Mike's snares
Lots o’ snares!

The bass also got some sweet tone action from a few pedals, a bass amp, a Moog, and a couple of other things. Please pardon the blurriness, we were going for a “mood” and the lighting was pretty low.

Photo of pedals used on the bass
Bass magic.
Photo of Moog set up for bass
More bass magic.

My main role was to lay down banjo scratch tracks, offer opinions, and forage for food. Thanks Sky Blue Sky, Mengrai, Domino’s – you know Domino’s – and Rooster Coffee!

We’re looking forward to building these tunes. Still going to be a while before we release them, though. Until then, come say hi when we play the Monarch on February 27th! Check out show details here!

Poster for the show at the Monarch (Feb 27)
Poster for the show – by Tim Okura!

Also, check out Keith’s new radio show “Fly On the Windshield” and Heather’s new band The Fern Tips!

Here are some more photos from the January session:

Anna and Ian
Anna and Ian in pre-production or ordering food. Photo by Mike
Craig and Anna on their phones
I’m sure whatever we were doing, it was very important. Photo by Mike
Mike's drumkit
Mike’s C&C’s all saddled up to record! Photo by Mike.
Photo of Mike's drumkit
Mike’s home for the last week of January 2016.
Mike and Ian talking about the drums.
Tête-à-tête with Ian Gomes.
Anna with a banjo
Anna from the scratch banjo booth, all blanketed up.

Photo of Mike tuning up a snare.Mike tuning up a snare.

Ian at the control panel
Ian sweetening the sound.
Anna in the studio
Selfie from the scratch booth.