The Gutters and the Glass: Black Shadow

In an age of digital perfection and unlimited animation possibilities, here is a performance that sheds light on an older, more human art of storytelling that is still alive and well here in the city. We’ve been wanting to work with Erin Fleck and Sarah Fairlie (masterminds behind the shadow puppet series  Unintentionally Sad Children’s Tales ) for quite a while now and we are very excited to be releasing our video for “Black Shadow” today!

This video is a shadow puppet performance performed start to finish without any cuts. It took a lot of hands and careful manoeuvring to bring the puppets, with their gangly legs, wings, beaks and arms, to life. Marcus Jamin, Daniel Briere, Allie Marshall, Remington North, Rob Kempson, Seth Mendelson, and Eric Krumins all joined Erin and Sarah in lending their time, talents and enthusiasm to make it happen.

Puppet hands

I was moved immensely by Sarah and Erin’s interpretation of the song and vision for the puppets, even when they were just sketches. I won’t try to explain what it means to me – I will leave that up to you. It’s beautiful, intimate, and 3444444442, in the words of one of our cats, Badminton (who just jumped up onto the keyboard).  Always good to have a feline friend around when you are grasping for words.

Look for the song “Black Shadow” on our upcoming release “The Gutters and the Glass”. It will be sold digitally through online vendors such as Bandcamp and iTunes, and physically through Bandcamp and at our shows starting January 27th. Check out our event listings  to find out when we are bringing it to you!