Summer news and an official comment on the AfterEllen post

What a great start to summer: projects on the go, a US tour in the works, and we have just released our cover of Running Up That Hill!

Remake of the album cover for "Hounds of Love"
Remake of the album cover for “Hounds of Love”

When Beams started, a few people told me that I sounded a bit like Kate Bush and I knew that it was probably a compliment, but I couldn’t quite remember what she’d done. Then, one Christmas, Mike gave me Hounds of Love and I fell in love with her. I really didn’t think that we’d be able to pull this one off, but everyone stepped up to the plate and learned the song very quickly, trading her synths for our menagerie of instruments (banjo, mando, vibraphone, guitar, drums and bass). Josh Bowman did a sweet job recording and mixing it, Peter J. Moore mastered it, and here it is!

We’re excited and flattered that Exclaim! decided to cover it in Canada, and that AfterEllen decided to pick it up in the US. I hope that everyone who’s not as familiar with the song hears it as I hear it (now that I’ve sung it) – it’s a beautiful plea for us to drop our aggressions toward each other, to see through each others eyes and run blissfully into the sunset together.

While I’ve got you, I should probably set the record straight about whether or not I identify as Queer.

Kitties of Love
There once was a time, back when I worked at a coffee shop, that I was standing around talking (as one does) with two of my coworkers (who happened to be LGBT). I was tossing around in my head what it meant to be Queer and I decided that, since I do find women much more attractive than men and I wouldn’t quite identify as a woman, that I might be Queer. Well, I was immediately and severely chastised and basically told that you can’t just dip your toe into being “Queer”. It’s not something that you can just flirt with as a cis, straight (albeit curious) female, or label yourself at whim. Seeing as I’ve chosen a man as my partner, I don’t feel like I can claim “Queer” as my own.

 It takes a lot of bravery to come out to yourself, your friends and family, to proudly walk down the street hand in hand with your lover whether it’s accepted or not, to present yourself in the world as you are, and I can’t even begin to pretend that Mike and I will know that particular struggle. So, with much love and respect, I will not label myself as Queer. It doesn’t belong to me. But I do label myself as an Ally, a strong one, and I’m not ashamed at being mistaken as Queer, especially on this incredible landmark day for human rights.

Come see us at the Horseshoe, or at any of these other shows if you’re around!

07/24 Toronto, ON – The Horseshoe Tavern
08/03 Nashville, TN – The Basement
08/06 Buffalo, NY – Mohawk Place
08/08 London, ON – Boler Mountain
08/25 Indianapolis, IN – Melody Inn