Hittin’ the road!

Yeah, I know you’re going to ask – what’d it do to us? 😉

We are making our first foray into the States to make some new friends and playing a few gigs around town too. The summer is coming alive!

This pic was taken of a broken BEAMS van, now road-ready!

Here is what we have lined up so far:

Aug 3 – The Basement East (Nashville, TN)
Aug 4 – Tidball’s (Bowling Green, KY)
Aug 5 – BLDG (Nashville, TN)
Aug 6 – Mohawk Place (Buffalo, NY)
Aug 8 – Mantis Eco & Arts Fest (London, ON)
Aug 13 – The Cameron House (Toronto, ON)
Aug 14 – The Junction City Music Hall (Toronto, ON)
Aug 16 – Arlene’s Grocery (New York, NY)
Aug 21 – Mahall’s (Cleveland, OH)
Aug 25 – Melody Inn (Indianapolis, IN)
Sept 11 – The Black Sheep (Wakefield, PQ)

Look for more details on our shows page!

Hope to see you out there!

<3 Anna