BEAMS at the Dakota: Tuesdays in November!

What does autumn mean to you? Is it school supplies? Country drives? Pumpkin beer? Crippling fear of the upcoming winter? Excitement for the ski season?

For Beams, and many other devout music lovers, it means going underground to cozy up in the Dakota Tavern, where we will be every Tuesday in November!


Official poster for Beams at the Dakota by Aaron Long
Official Poster by Aaron Long! Click on the picture to go to the Facebook event!


We’re going to be kicking off every Tuesday at 10PM and sharing the night with different folks each week. We’re going to play old Beams stuff, new Beams stuff, borrowed non-Beams stuff, you get the drift!

We’ll be playing early sets for the 9-5ers and late sets for those who don’t have anywhere to be in the morning or are just too cozy to leave.

Here’s who we’ve invited to the party:

Week one: We have special guest Chris Culgin, from Peterborough, with his excellent boot-scootin’ band and old-timey croon:

Still from Chris Culgin's video "When the Moon"
Click to watch “When The Moon Hits Your Eyes” by Chris Culgin!

Week Two: This Hamilton favourite will be ringing their Dinner Belles (which also happens to be their name!):

Still from the Dinner Belles' "Wandering Eye" video
Click on the photo to watch “Wandering Eye” by the Dinner Belles!

Week Three: The smooth, tasteful and fantastic Stonetrotter from Barrie, who have a new album out! words don’t do them justice, you have to come out, says I:

Still from Stonetrotter's Video "Back at the Boneyard"
Click on the picture to watch Stonetrotter’s video for “Back at the Boneyard!”

Week Four: The cinematic folks Torero (our neighbours!) with their self-described “desert rock”, so good:

Still from Torero's video "Canyon"
Click on the picture to watch Torero’s video for their song “Canyon”!

I’m glad I had the foresight to take Wednesdays off in November. This is gonna’ be good.

See you there!